Spaceframe from two surfaces, featuring parametric struts and nodes (Grasshopper)

Here's a solution for generating spaceframes from two surfaces. Struts and joints are real reactive components. As mentioned before, surfaces are first segmented by quad-mesh-faces, from which i derive lists of respective vertices. Since this is done for two surfaces, corresponding points on both of them can easily be connected with struts. For these, an additional script component had to be added, since there's no way i know of that can get me groupwise lofts from one large list of profiles. (And even if there was one, a tiny script definitely is the cleaner way, at least until david will come up with more advanced ways of dealing with data-streams).

Due to the topology of meshes, i get lots of redundant surfaces, which, because of their opposing orientation, can't be detected automatically. Also, some unecessary cross-wise struts show up. These issues could be addressed by skipping a strut where there is already another differently oriented one, which on the other hand leads to missing parts at the structure-boundaries. However, i might take care of that later.



  1. Very interesting stuff (and beautifully organised looking definitions) but those downloads aren't working for me

  2. Download is fine now - Nice work. thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Heinz, nice job! I did a similar course (a bit more for starters...) on scripting and Grasshopper here at the University of Bologna, you might take a look at some of the students' work here:




  4. Hi heinz.
    It didn't work at my PC
    I don't know why....
    Only me?

  5. no one else that i knew of... what exactly was the problem ?

    best, heinz.

  6. Hi again.
    I am who wrote above comment.
    definition did not work.
    Problem is no action after select surfaces.
    After 2 srf is selected, then it should make
    pipes and linkage.
    But it doesn't work.
    No action. No process i can see.
    How can I...

  7. hey jongsue kim. unfortunately, i am terribly busy at the moment, sorry for that.. think you will have to use the currently official version of grasshopper (5.something). best, heinz.

  8. Hello again.
    I'm sorry for bothering you..
    the problem is just me.
    your definition is perfect.
    I did not recognize the preview mode.
    I set shade mode, then I can see the spaceframes.
    so. problem found. that is me.
    Thank you for your careness.

  9. hey heinz,
    when i open the definition, it says
    The archive contains an unrecognized object: Cluster {cec8ca1b-6024-4825-9a53-07341a203697}
    This object cannot be deserialized

    is it because Im using a higher version? version 6.0 something? I can see the nodes but not the extruded trusses.

    best. leo

  10. hi heinz,

    i seem to be having the same problem that leoncito is having. It will put in the nodes and the lines connecting them but no struts.

    do you by any chance have an updated grasshopper file to the new 6 version.

  11. Heinz,

    Also have the same problem regarding the unrecognized object: Cluster

    An updated version of the file would be very useful.


  12. Hey I love the work, However, the download is not working for me.

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    Hey I love the work, However, the download is not working for me.

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