Real Reactive Components (Grasshopper)

For anyone interested in real reactive components: here is a way this can be done in grasshopper with very little c# scripting involved:

The script-part segments a NURBS-patch into quad-mesh-faces, which are used to derive meaningful vertex-pointsets from:

As a very simple result, a pyramid-component whose corner-vertices sit on derived UV-points can be steered via attractors. the height of a pyramid depends on the distance of its base-barycenter to an attractor-point.

This kind of workflow implies some very interesting applications, which will be subject to successive posts.



  1. great tutorial...i have been playing with for an hour.. I just have a question....is it possible to use a solid modeled in rhino for example as a reactive component?

  2. yeah... I was thinking about the same thing as above...and also ...is it possible to add more attractors to one surface?...cheers

  3. a responsive component created not in grass'...would be very interesting